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Is the Street and Documentary Photography Are the Same

Flawless photography can reveal the truth of any subject. Street and documentary photography has no exception as it reflects the distinctiveness of a subject or a project. But both of them appear to be the same to the untrained eye. Is this, however, correct? There is often some ambiguity when it comes to identifying distinct types of photography, such as Documentary and Street photography! Both Street Photography and Documentary photography are a part of traditional photography! However, the former is confused with the latter? You may find several visual similarities while comparing the two. One could argue that street photography is frequently seen as a documentary medium. What may be the reason behind it? Street photography offers a glimpse of how people 'looked' in the past. But that is where the similarities end. Street photography is frequently used in documentary photography, and street images can become historically significant over time.

Street photography experiences skyrocketed in popularity nowadays! Street photography is a type that captures everyday life in public spaces. It’s the urban setting that sets it apart, and it typically captures a fleeting moment in time. In street photography, photographers have more artistic freedom to express themselves. The very publicness of the environment enables our photographer to take candid pictures of strangers. We have the best street photographers in Mumbai that have the vision to imagine the precise framing. We also use 360-degree photography to capture the desired images at the right moment. Street photography may not be interested in capturing the truth, but we strive to focus & use our creative skills to generate an output beyond expectation. Street photography shoots people or subjects unknown to them & without being noticed.

Documentary photography is sometimes defined as a style of sharp-focus photography that captures photographs of authentic, yet honest human emotion in real-life situations. It's a chance for a photographer to show the audience the nuances and layers of life. Our documentary photographer in Mumbai often follows a topic or story over some time. It differs from photojournalism, where the objective is usually to cover events in real-time. When it comes to street and documentary photography, you must not ignore the service of Ashesh Shah Photography. We are one of the leading street and documentary photographers in Mumbai who knows the art of photography better than others. We can capture real-life moments through our photography. Our documentary photographers can bring solutions to social and political problems such as injustice, conflict, and inequality.

Street photography is not the same thing as documentary photography, although they are linked as similar to a certain extent! Of course, it is not always a spontaneous act. Street Photography is utterly subjective, whereas documentary photography is objective in nature. One creates reality, and the other attempts to present the truth. Sometimes, the street and documentary photographers in Mumbai can find a place they like and wait for hours for something to happen. We even stay in a spot for the perfect subject to walk into the scene and then take their shot. Legendary photographers like Ashes Shah Photography in Mumbai can capture iconic photograph shots. Our street and documentary photographers in Mumbai can wait for hours for something to happen in a perfect location. They keep the ideal frame in their mind. We can capture our subjects' most intimate yet sensitive moments through our documentary photography. Be sure that it will need a lot of patience, time, skill, and a special kind of bond.

We specialize in digging out precious moments. We are entirely different when we are with our cameras. We have a passion for storytelling & we go where the stories are. Our documentary photographer in Mumbai has the artistic eyes to discover the potential story beneath every face and object. We also have the technical skills & creative compassion to create some mind-blowing visuals you wish to convey to your audience. We are Mumbai-based photographers and photojournalists working on several long-term documentary and street photography projects. Call us today, and we are happy to take your projects with great care.


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