Documenting Holi Festival in India
Holi festival at Vrindawan
Making of Derby
What goes into making of successful derby.
Documenting Varanasi
Documenting Varanasi.
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Street Documentary Photographer in Mumbai

Camera is powerful tool used to capture reality. This is something which makes photography different from other available art forms. When it comes to street documentary photography, it captures the chronicle of events or environments both relevant and significant to historical events and daily life.

Ashesh Shah Photography is an award-winning photography studio aiming to capture the real moments, real emotions and real issues. Our documentary photographer in Mumbai strives to impart innovative skills, visual aesthetics and ethics of visual storytelling. This is why we are famed as the best street and documentary photography services in Mumbai.

At Ashesh Shah Photography, we strongly believe that documentary photography is about shooting, understanding, researching, selecting stories, planning, the ethics included, the editing, and sequencing. We capture the documentary photography projects that involve the best of stories, the environment and the transcend time.

Capturing the Details of Documentary Photography Projects

Ashesh Shah Photography is a Mumbai photography based boutique capturing the street and documentary photography details. Our award-winning photographer captures the stories in a plain and simple way. We work at our best to capture every nuance of documentary photography projects and present them in ways that will leave you turning the pages.

Our documentary photographs are unposed and undirected. We capture genuine moments like the way they are present naturally. Our documentary photography projects include the traditional Indian festivities like documenting the Holi festival in India, something out-of-the-box like making of derby and documenting beautiful yet spectacular places like documenting the sacred city Varanasi.

Our documentary photographer in Mumbai – Ashesh Shah uses conceptual vision and his amazing story telling abilities to create much more than just documenting social events in the best way as possible. We are Google certified photographer for Google Street View. Contact us today and let us help you through documentary photography projects!

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