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How Ashesh Shah Photography Excels As a Documentary And Street Photographer In Mumbai

If we have a look at documentary photography in its narrower sense, then it can be an accurate depiction of the subject. However, the actual practice of documenting documentary photography is much richer than the definition would make you believe.

Documentary photographer in Mumbai of Ashesh Shah Photography like photojournalist has the ability to capture the world or the daily happening without stage managing, directing, or editing the sequences. They believe that documentary photography is letting the real-life unfold in celluloid with any nature of directing.

People wonder how they have mastered the skills and become the professional documentary photographer of Mumbai, whom you can rely on to have the best photographic clicks of real life.

Ability to become personal and get close-up 

The street photographer in Mumbai from Ashesh Shah Photography believes that the actual work of a documentary photographer begins much before taking out the camera from the bag. They have developed communication skills, which allow them to become personal with their subject so that they do not face any problem, even have close-up pictures of them. They research and find out what is actually happening in real life in front of them. This understanding helps them to communicate effectively with their subjects to become personal.

Spend time

Contrary to photojournalism, documentary photography spans over a more extended period. Photographers have to spend weeks, months, or even years with the subject to shoot a professional documentary. A documentary photographer from Ashesh Shah Photography commits to spending time with their subject to understand what is happening around them. As they allow spending time with their subject, they get to know the subject better and capture a more meaningful capture of the event.

Protect the work

As street photography or documentary photography can happen over a long period, it is wise to save the work properly. Photographers from Ashesh Shah Photography take adequate measures to protect their work so that they do not face situations like not finding the work of day one at the end of the project. They immediately make duplicates of their work so that even if the work happens to have deletion from the drive they carry, they have it stored safely in their office.

Indulge in their curiosity

Documentary photography sometimes captures historic events or a helpful message to the world. The curiosity of documentary photographers from Ashesh Shah Photography helps to witness and understand the events and the world around them intricately and document the same. The curiosity they have helped to create an excellent, professional, and meaningful documentary and street photography.

For having, services of a professional documentary photographer of Mumbai, contact us at Ashesh Shah Photography.


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