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Capturing True Essence of Life with a Mumbai Documentary Photographer

Are you looking for a documentary photographer in Mumbai? If yes, then you should go through this post for a better understanding of documentary photography.

Documentary photography is a fine art photography form that can be defined in many different ways. It’s closely related to street photography and photojournalism but differs from each one in that it’s focused more on shedding light on a greater social cause.

The main objective of your documentary photographer in Mumbai is to care a precise representation of the subjects like documenting festivities, places like Varanasi etc. It means there are no poses and the images don’t seem glamorized in any way.

Documentary photos capture the originality of the situations and the perfect ones get in touch with the viewer in a visceral way to the issue at hand. However, photojournalism is limited to a single news, story or event; but documentary images are used collectively to illuminate much deeper issue. One photo alone seldom suffices and it’s common for a series or collection of photographs to tell the complete story and to speak precisely about the project.

In fact, documentary photographs can tell a true story that no other genre of photography can be able to match. A good documentary image tells the truth whether it’s universal or highly personal. You will find documentary images looking effortless. But that can seem a bit daunting task for those who are starting out. A successful documentary photography takes lots of experience and effort.

Moreover, a lot of work goes into documentary photography. Your Mumbai based documentary photographer must be constantly thinking on the fly and analyzing the scene in front of you. Not only do they need to watch for a moment to unfold, they should be aware of the background and how it plays a key role in creating a story while making a pleasing composition. Remember that, there are many decisions that happen instantly and to be capable of doing that takes more practice.

Therefore, it’s recommended to rely on a documentary photographer in Mumbai like Ashesh Shah who feels comfortable throwing camera into for when going out. It’s always a good practice to have a camera on hand so that they can work on the craft just anywhere and everywhere. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve in a bustling city like Mumbai or a rural peaceful town. Ashesh feels that life is filled with enormous photo opportunities. Hence, he has a camera on hand to compose and make the photograph.

As an award-winning documentary photographer in Mumbai, Ashesh Shah keeps refining his craft and embraces being open to life. At Ashesh Shah Photography, we believe that documentary photography is about capturing, understanding, researching, choosing stories, planning the ethics included, the editing and sequencing.

Our professional photographer captures the true essence of life that involves the best of stories, the environment and the transcend time as beautifully as possible. For more information, please contact our documentary photographer in Mumbai at +91-9820391564.

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