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Why hire Professional photographer for Annual Report

Example of Good use of a photo in Annual Report
Example of Good use of a photo in Annual Report

Annual Report Photography

The annual report is the most important formal communication that public companies have with their Not only with the shareholders but also with the investors. Photography is critical. Photos should stop the investor dead in his tracks and invite him to read the captions because they are one of the most read items in a report. Hence it becomes imperative to provide better visuals to illustrate the progress of the company.

Ashesh Shah, can provide management/directors portraits or profile\head shots in offices. Factory or Industrial Photography with the touch of reportage photography and photojournalism for numerous multinational corporations (MNC). Ashesh have delivered images for their Annual Reports, PR, Marketing Materials, Brochures, Company Publications, Websites, Social Media, Magazine Publishing and Corporate Presentations. Assignments that he is commissioned are direct assign by their design companies or companies' corporate communication department. All communication is done remotely over the internet, Thanks to the internet technology that makes everyone so close, and work almost no distance in between.


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