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Crucial Points to Keep In Mind When Choosing an Architectural Photographer

Interior and Architectural Photography

Quality interior and architectural photography is a vital investment to highlight & promote your projects, and selecting the best architectural photographer in Mumbai is essential in assuring that the pictures express the designer’s or architect’s vision as well as the design aesthetics of the structure.

Here are a few crucial points to keep in mind when choosing a photographer who offers professional interior and architectural photography in Mumbai.


Does the photographer comprehend the unique aspects of showcasing your building’s aesthetics? Ensure that your chosen photographer is more than simply a commercial photographer. A professional architectural photographer emphasizes the artistry of the structure which may cover the overall panoramic to the minutest details of design.

Here at Ashesh Shah Photography, it is important for our photographers to sustain the integrity of how the designers or architects envisaged the project. For us, it is import to express the personality of your space. Top-class interior and architectural photography in Mumbai is not all about stunning imagery, the viewers must feel attached to the vision of the design.


Check out the website and portfolio of the photographer to know their experience in architectural photography. Have they worked with renowned architects and on unique or large-scale projects? Do they have testimonials regarding their work from impressive & relevant clients? Feel free to ask the photographer about his or her special skills.

Lighting techniques:

Whether it is an expansion of an existing design or a complete redesign, proper lighting tricks can even improve the original design. That is why the light techniques used by your interior photographer matters the most.

Post production skill:

Sometimes irrespective of lighting or angle, some aspects of a building just don’t photograph well. Make sure your photographer is capable of using post production techniques to produce a picture that looks balanced and natural. Professional photographers never hesitate to spend many post production hours to ensure the colors are accurate and vibrant.

Project details:

Be ready to discuss your project details & expectations with the photographer. It is critical to reassess your shot list and the tone you wish to express. How you are going to use the images? Who’s the audience? Do you wish formal, sleek pictures or a more comfortable feel where someone can actually place themselves in the photo or space represented? Ensure your chosen photographer comprehends your list and your priorities for the shoot.


You have invested a huge amount of money and effort into the design and visuals of your structure. Ensure your architectural photographer in Mumbai is up to the challenges of presenting your project in the most professional and fascinating manner. Ashes shah photography invites you to scan our testimonials and portfolio to view our photographers’ recent architectural photography works.


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