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Corporate Profile Photography Mumbai - Five Styles & Their Significance On Business

Corporate profile photography is not just about taking photos of people wearing dark suits in white background. Today’s corporate photographs need to tell a story, create an image or illuminate an individual. There are several ways of achieving the client’s desired results.

In this post, we will be looking at a variety of styles of corporate profile photography Mumbai, each of which may suit a different client or a different set of circumstances, paying particular attention to lighting considerations.

There are five different styles that one can use to create a wide variety of corporate photos, so it’s great having each one of them in your portfolio. Each one demands a different skillset and technique, so, if you can master them all, you will become a well-rounded corporate photographer.


The key to being a consistent good studio corporate photographer is to understand lighting. Studio portrait photography comes with the benefit of having the ability to completely control how much and what type of light falls on your subject. It gives you complete control over the look of the image you are creating as you can modify the lights in all sorts of ways, such as the angle, light output, and distance from the subject. One of the most efficient ways is to use two infrared flashlights, particularly if you are looking for a clean, crisp portrait on a white background.


If you want a picture for a profile article, using an editorial shot of the business in action can give far more insight into your subject than a face to the camera view. Capturing an individual in action at his/her work can be fascinating to people outside the industry. The key here is to focus on the composition and then work out on the lighting considerations.

Once you know where to frame the picture and what prop or tool to highlight, you can create a combination of natural light and flash to create a compelling portrait of the individual as well as the business activity. Experiment with diffused light and different shades of the light to create atmosphere and focus attention to improve your corporate profile photography Mumbai.


Catching the perfect image of multiple subjects can be tricky for several reasons, the first being that you have more than one face to focus on. Keeping an eye on the aperture is important to ensure that everyone is in focus. Make sure you are prepared with the right lens for the space that will squeeze everyone into the frame.

Shooting a group portrait can be frustrating. You want all your subjects to present their best expressions at the same moment and you are lucky if you get that in one or two frames. So click more and inspect the images having people with their eyes closed or anyone looking away or dribbling - it happens!

An easy way to tackle a large group of people is by having the camera’s angle downward from above so that the front row people do not obscure those behinds. You can suitably illuminate everyone by having their face angled upward.


You need to pick a relevant environment for your picture that is equally in focus with the shoot of the person being photographed. A perfect environment backdrop will not only get you out of the typical office shots but provides a great experience that can be added to your portfolio.

The key location concern is that you might need to limit the equipment and you will have less control over the lighting. Having environmental corporate photographs are the most successful one, as they do really tell a story.


These are common of corporate photographs, and with a little bit of imagination, you can make your corporate headshots stand out from the crowd. Experiment with different angles, unusual lighting effects, or cropping. Think of different ways of how to create impactful images. Your subject will, of course, want the most flattering image possible, so diffuse your light to help hide blemishes and fine lines.

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