Hire the Best Drone Photographer in Mumbai

Looking for a comprehensive drone photography service in Mumbai? Look no further than Asesh Shah Photography. Whether you wish to capture your next special event or get a spectacular on-set shoot, our drone photography is the best choice for flawless aerial filming.

Showcase your real estate in the best possible light:

Many industries & businesses are already dependent on drones for their daily operations and the world of real estate is no exemption. Our professional drone photographers in Mumbai offer beautiful aerial footage including video, images, and panoramas to showcase your real estate from a unique perspective from the sky. This sort of photography is ideal for showing the adjacent neighborhood, viewing large properties, and showcasing close by amenities & features.

Drone photography for festival/concerts:

Using drone footage to create astounding marketing & event photos is the next big thing. Concerts and festivals are generally bigger events that require a great deal of planning to run smoothly. Drone photography is the best tool to make sure your hard is appreciated by all. With an aerial perspective, now event planners can show off event locations, crowds and their set up like never before.

Drone photography for public events:

Launch events, corporate parties, public functions, & more. We can capture almost any happening from the air, creating a beautiful memory that you’d love to share time and again.

Drone photography for construction projects:

Drone photography is the best way to document the progress of your construction project from the air. Even before construction starts drone photographs are helpful for planning applications, architectural planning and surveying the area.

The best drone photographer in Mumbai is now just a call away from you! Call Ashesh Shah Photography to enjoy high-quality drone photography at a pocket-friendly price. For any further assistance, feel free to call us on +91-9820391564.

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